In Darkness: The Vampire

I am a Book Reviewer and received a free copy of In Darkness: The Vampire and this is my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor any review.

In Darkness: The Vampire by L. Diane Wolfe is the first book in her In Darkness series. It is a Paranormal Romance story. It is a short easy read with only 11 chapters.

Anna is an overworked barmaid in her father’s tavern. She longs to leave and is saving her money in hopes of doing so. One night a group of strangers enter the tavern and Anna is struck by their wealthy appearance. When she overhears that they are looking for Zancrela, an ancient fortress filled with treasure and a magical library, she decides to offer to lead them.

During their travels, Anna and the leader of the group, Victor, form a special bond as Victor is surprised and impressed by Anna’s strength and determination and Anna feels safe in Victor’s protective presence. Victor is also very kind to Anna. Anna faces danger during the travel, and realizes she has tied herself to a group of vampires. Will Anna get them to Zancrela or will she become a meal for at least one of the vampires?

In Darkness: The Vampire is a story filled with action, adventure, danger, and a subtle romance. It is a unique vampire story in that these vampires are not immortal and the story does not include a lot of blood and gore. Ms. Wolfe has created well developed characters in the three main characters of the story. The cast of characters is short and well focused. The plot line is simple but definitely exciting and engaging, and the ending is definitely unique.

I thoroughly enjoyed In Darkness: The Vampire, and if you like clean Paranormal Romance stories or Vampire stories, I’m sure you’ll like In Darkness: The Vampire by Diane L. Wolfe.

I give In Darkness: The Vampire 5 stars.

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