Acrostic Poem

Well, today is my final poetry post for National Poetry Month.  I hope you have enjoyed the poetry I created to share with you this month.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t ever post more poetry.  It just won’t be two or three times a week.

Reading in the apple tree.
Exploring long mountain paths.
Missing those who have passed in and out of my life.
Interpreting the broken English of my Asian friends to others.
Nice was the word others often used to describe me.
I loved studying the works of William Shakespeare.
Singing to the posters of movie, t.v. and music stars on my walls, hairbrush in hand.
Caring for the little ones in the neighborhood.
Experiencing the heartbreak of unrequited teenage crushes.


What do you think about when you reminisce?

Did you have a favorite poem that I wrote for this month?

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