Headline Poetry

My boys have participated in a writers’ club during the school year, and their final assignment was to write/create three poems, one of which was to be a headline poem.  This was so much fun that I got in on the activity, and it took us about two hours to complete these fun poems.  I have decided to share both of my boys’ poems as well as my own.


This first one was created by my youngest son.  As you can see, the idea was to go through magazines and cut out words to create a poem.  He did not give this poem a title.  I know some of the words are small and difficult to read, so this is what it says:

God created creatures, skies,

flowers, birds, humans,

the sun, the moon and stars.

God’s creation is worth exploring,

Even in your own backyard!


My older son entitled his “Champions”.  This is what it says:

Every day give it your all

Never quit, never stall

Stay focused, play hard

Train your body, raise the bar.


I believe mine is pretty readable, but to be sure, here is what it says:

The best family fun

is found in real moments

in our favorite things.

We like to find fun

in the freedom

to explore places we love,

to travel on the road;

to play, love and smile

in every mile.

Have you ever tried to create a Headline Poem?  I hope you enjoy these.  We certainly enjoyed helping each other find the words to cut out to create them.

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