Lady Ninja; A Poem

Lady Ninja
by Kelly F. Barr

The lightning flashed,
The thunder rolled.
Though her heart pounded with fear,
Her actions were bold.

She leaped and spun in the air;
Lightning emblazoned her sword’s blade.
The water caused her sleek black suit to shimmer.
Her eyes glowed bright jade.

The men, dressed in red, circled round;
She swung her leg toward their feet
While her sword sliced their middles.
In the end, she, alone, remained standing in the street.

My New Hero

Okay, so he’s not really my hero, but he is definitely an inspiration and I can’t wait to research him to learn more about him and read his writings. “Who?” You ask — Sir Walter Scott!

You see, my sister-in-law and her husband and son recently went on vacation to Europe and when they came back, she sent me copies of the following photos because she had taken them because they made her think of me. Aww!

Why did they make her think of me? Because Sir Walter Scott, as the photo of the plaque below explains, created the genre of the historical novel, which is what I write! And, they built a monument to honor him in Edinburgh, Scotland (pictured below). It is the largest monument to a writer in the world! (I jokingly said, “Some day they’ll build one in my honor.” To which my middle son groaned.)    😀

Sir Walter Scott wrote one of my favorite stories, Ivanhoe, which I haven’t read in years, but now I’ll have to revisit.

What do you know about Sir Walter Scott? What did he write that you like?



The Tastes of Summer: A Poem

The Tastes of Summer
by Kelly F. Barr

Summer weather may not be my thing;
I much prefer Autumn and Spring.
However, when it comes to summer fare
To strawberries and peaches nothing compares.

Shortcake, cobblers, ice cream and pies
Make my mouth water, my taste buds fly.
Winter fruit quickly grows boring
So many apples and apple pastries leave me snoring.

Freezing and canning is the way to go
To enjoy summer tastes even in snow.
Lancaster county is the place to be
To experience all of these so joyfully.

Our Fascinating Visitors: A Poem

Our Fascinating Visitors
by Kelly F. Barr

Squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, opossums, and skunks
Are just the regular critters that have visited our yard.
Snakes, groundhogs, a pheasant and wild turkeys
Are visitors — a little more rare and bizarre.

Lots of bugs, spiders and birds also crawl
On our deck, in our garden, on our ground.
With all of these wonderful sounds and sights;
Right at home, adventures abound.

The Narrow Road (A Poem)

The Narrow Road

by Kelly F. Barr


As I travel through this life

Facing troubles and strife;

I come to a fork in the road

Adjust my backpack, shifting its load.


To my left, the road is wide

And many are traveling there.

There’s a narrow footpath on the other side;

One or two slowly walk it with care.


Antics and raucous laughter

From the wide road echo.

A gentle push aids the first, from the one after,

On the narrow road, as their pace slows.


“Which road will you choose?”

Speaks a still, small voice.

“On which is there less to lose?”

I ask and wait, poised.


“Destruction awaits at the end of the wide road.

The narrow road leads to life.”

“The journey’s much harder on the narrow,” I crow.

“Yes, and you may choose — eternal strife or eternal life.”


From the wide road, friends’ voices call to me.

I stand up straight, breathe deep, and wipe my brow.

No friends on the narrow road do I see.

Decision made: Eternal Life — more valuable than the ease of the journey.

Walk With Me: A Poem

Walk With Me
by Kelly F. Barr

Come,take my hand and walk with me,
In the cool grass, in our bare feet.
Walk with me along the shore
While the waves crash and roar.

Dance with me in the rain.
Dance with me again and again.
Walk with me in the moonlight.
Hold me close throughout the night.

Whisper words of love in my ear;
Wipe away my every tear.
Give me reason to smile;
Walk with me along life’s every mile.

Surprises (A Poem)

by Kelly F. Barr

I love surprises and life is full of them.
Some surprises are good, and some are not.
Some surprises put you on the spot;
Some surprises turn out to be real gems.

My favorite surprises come from God above.
They come in the forms of blessings, tears,
Smiles, open doors, or overcoming fears.
There are more than those, but they all come with love.

Our reactions to these surprises can change a hard one
into a blessing–a real treasure.
Next time a surprise comes your way, embrace it with pleasure,
Then wait for more, for as long as we’re here, God’s not done.

Express for Home (Blitz Poem)

I’ve heard Blitz Poems that were written by young adults. I can’t say they’re a favorite type of poetry to me. Usually, they seem so random. So, I challenged myself to write one because I found the rules/pattern challenging, and because I wanted to see if I could stick with a theme the whole way through the poem.

Therefore, I wrote this Blitz Poem keeping the novel I am writing in mind. Though not all of these things will appear in my novel, they are all from the same time period.

The reason there is no punctuation is because you are supposed to try and read a Blitz Poem all in one breath.

Express for Home

by Kelly F. Barr

Pony rides
Pony Express
Express mail
Express train
Train whistle
Train tracks
Tracks in the snow
Tracks made by horses
Horses galloping
Horses racing
Racing wagons
Racing hearts
Hearts in love
Hearts broken
Broken arrows
Broken promises
Promises in the dark
Promises kept
Kept safe
Kept quiet
Quiet voices
Quiet times
Times of danger
Times of love
Love in bloom
Love in mind
Mind your manners
Mind your own
Own nothing
Own land
Land and sea
Land west
West travel
West prairie
Prairie chickens
Prairie winds
Winds of change
Winds filled with dust
Dust on your boots
Dust in your mouth
Mouth for kissing
Mouth of the river
River crossing
River of no return
Return to sender
Return home
Home to you
Home in my heart