Cowboy of the Old West (Poem)

Cowboy of the Old West

by Kelly F. Barr

Smoky blue eyes and a dimpled smile.
Cowboy hat and a cowboy swagger.
Ropin’, wranglin’, and ridin’ for miles;
He’s what made the American West matter.

Sitting tall in the saddle through snow, wind, and rain
Nothing could quench his adventurous spirit.
Blazing trails or following those of wagon trains,
Crossing ground in an undetermined circuit.

He was tougher than leather.
From drivin’ cattle to deliverin’ mail;
Ridin’ and workin’ in all kinds of weather;
The cowboy’s life — an old romantic tale.

Erin’s Hero (Poem)

Today’s poem is a glimpse into the novel I am working on, and the poems I will post for the next two Fridays will offer more hints as to what my novel is about.

Erin’s Hero

by Kelly F. Barr

Rugged and rough around the edges;
Can be cool and smooth.
Love and faithfulness to me, he pledges.
My temper, nerves, and worries, he soothes.

Protection, in his arms, I find.
From him I will never roam.
He is one of a kind,
And with him, I am home.

The Allure of the Mountains (Poem)

Since I finished my short story, Forbidden Love, I have decided to share some poetry for a few weeks. Today’s poem is a Sense Poem.

The Allure of the Mountains
by Kelly F. Barr

Snow-capped mountain peaks
Christmas scent of pine trees
Cry of the majestic eagle
Refreshed, renewed, alive
Clear sweet water from mountain spring
Most heavenly place on earth

Poetry and a Friend’s New Blog

Today I decided to share a poem because I want to post either a poem, flash fiction story or short story, written by me, here each Friday. However, a good friend of mine just started a new blog that is just so cute, I have to share. So, after you read my poem, I encourage you to visit my friend’s new blog by clicking the title in this post. She’s a gnome who’s lost her home and is in search of a new one. Find out what happened and what will happen next.

What is Love
by Kelly F. Barr

Love is acceptance.
Love is everything found
in First Corinthians thirteen —
patient, kind, always protects,
always trusts, always hopes,
always perseveres.

Love is sacrificial;
putting others ahead of ourselves,
serving and helping others.
As the song says, “What the world
needs now is love.
It’s the only thing
that there’s just too little of.”

Let’s stop spreading hate
and spewing unkind words.
Let’s stop judging others
without giving them a chance
and making self-centered demands.
Let’s lend each other a helping hand
and together take a stand
to spread love throughout our lands.


Now, go visit Raewyn’s blog Gnome Gnotes and let her know what you think. Encourage her to keep writing.


Poem: Why Are Other People Important?

Why Are Other People Important?
by Kelly F. Barr

When I see someone suffering,
Why should I care?
When I see someone eating alone,
Why should I care?
When someone is cold or hungry,
Why should I care?

Do the sufferings of others
Affect me?
Do the feelings of others
Affect me?
Do the needs of others
Affect me?

The answer to all of the above
Is a resounding “YES”!
Because we are all made in
God’s image. That gives each of us
More value than humanists could ever imagine.

Poem: My Labrador Retriever

My Labrador Retriever
by Kelly F. Barr

Gentle, affectionate;
Black, shiny, intelligent;
Loyal, faithful, and obedient;
Warm, soft, and comforting.

Peanut butter is his favorite treat,
And he always knows when it’s time to eat.
Riding in the car or going for a walk
Are his favorite things to do.

Friendly and alert.
Offers wet, sloppy kisses when I hurt.
Always by my side.
Best friend anyone could have.

Poem: From Busyness to Rest

From Busyness to Rest
by Kelly F. Barr

I arose early,
Before the sun,
To run taxi for my kids.
Later, one dog, one boy and I
Walked in fresh air and sunshine.
It’s been a good day.

Enjoyed a Tropical Smoothie dinner
And now I relax and write.
Soon my eyelids droop,
My thoughts get fuzzy.
It’s been a long day.
Looking forward to my warm bed.

Poem: A New Outlook

This is a very unconventional poem. I used no rhyme scheme or any pattern, but I like the message I have created here. I hope you will like it too.

A New Outlook
by Kelly F. Barr

January brings a new year;
A chance to reflect,
A chance to look ahead,
A chance to begin anew.
Dream dreams and set goals.
Build relationships.

January brings a new beginning-
A fresh start.
Turn a new page; wipe the slate clean.
The possibilities are endless;
Opportunities abound,
All you have to do is look around.

Shake the dust of the past year from your feet.
Determine that this year, you can’t be beat.
Take a new journey,
Open your heart,
Try something you’ve never tried before
Because this could be your best year yet.